Monday, March 23, 2009

Newmarket Town's badge

It's notoriously hard to find out any information about badges of clubs at this level, so there is a lot of guess work going on here. Firstly, the most obvious part of the badge is the horse with the jockey on it. Newmarket is the centre of British horse racing and has been since the days of James I. The rampant lion above the horse and jockey could possibly be from King James' Coat of Arms, as he was also the King of Scotland, as well as being an avid horse racer, who saw that Newmarket was the perfect place for horse racing also became famous for sponsoring the bible in 1611. However the coat of arms of James is the same one that appears on British Passports, so the lion is facing the wrong way. The lion could therefore be from King Charles II who was also King of Scotland and incorporated the rampant lion in his coat of arms facing the same way as on the badge of Newmarket. King Charles II really put Newmarket on the map. He was such an avid horse racer that he would often move the court from London to Newmarket in summer. It is thought that the phrase 'the sport of kings' comes from his patronage of the sport (this has probably the most overused and annoying cliche in sport with second place going to Pele and his coinage of 'the beautiful game').

The 2 crowns with the arrows through are from the Suffolk coat of arms (pictured below the Newmarket badge) and are from the symbol of the Saxon King of East Anglia and martyr, St.Edmund. The motto in Latin can roughly be translated as 'Happiness in Sport'.

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