Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fens Football Focus - 3 Newmarket Town

To be honest I'm not even sure if Newmarket is in the Fens, as it the town which is more famous fore horse racing is in Suffolk, but even so it's pretty close to where I'll be living, so I'm including them in this feature.

Newmarket Town are known as the Jockeys and play at cricketfields road, which could be used as an excuse for their confusion last season when they were relegated from the premier of the Eastern Counties League to division 1. However, this wasn't the worst season that the jockeys have faced, as they finished bottom of the league 3 times in a row after World War 2 and in 1952 lost every single game and finished with a goal difference of - 151, which led to them being relegated to the Peterborough and District League.

It's not been all doom and gloom at the club, who were formed in 1877, though. Early honours include winning the 1920 Cambridgeshire Senior League Cup, the Bury and District League in 1927 and the Suffolk and Ipswich League in 1932, 33 and 34. In 1937 the club were admitted to the Eastern Counties League and although they finished bottom in 1938 they managed to stay in the league due to the expansion in the number of teams competing in it. During the war Stan Motensen turned out for the club as a guest player. The club spent 7 years in the Peterborough and District League between 1952 to 1959 before being promoted again to the Eastern Counties League. They competed in the Premier of this league up until relegation last season. They also won the Suffolk Senior Cup 4 times in the 1990's

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